Saturday, 9/5/15 Meeting Minutes

Thank you to Mr. Bettis for the contribution of donuts and juice!

What Was Discussed:


– If you want to do viagra need prescription know, ask Nemo.

Trello Signup

– Please create an account on Trello and bring your Trello information to a LM Robotics meeting or e-mail to

Team Presentations

– For new members to get canadian pharmacy sells provigil an idea of

testosterone enanthate canadian pharmacy the team they want to join

– Task cialis online delegated at the meeting. 4150- Nolan Jessen, 4324- Sam Rettig, 10107- ???, 967- Joe

Shop Re-arrangement Moved equipment back into shop, not why use cialis entirely complete

FTC Kickoff Schedule (not set in stone)

– 5:45 am – Meet at HS shop

– 6:00 am – Leave HS for Valley HS Des Moines, IA

– 8:30 am – Arrive and check in

– 8:30-10:00 – FTC team related events and workshops

– 10:30 – Start assembling in the Auditorium for the Kickoff presentation

– 11:40 – FTC announcements

– 11:00 – FTC Game Release Video and viewing of Game Field

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