The gearbox for the climber is well underway! We have figured out the gear ratio we plan to use, 132:1, as well as the motors and exact gears we will need. We will be powering our lift using two rs775 pros, and theoretically should be able to climb in around 5 seconds, which is pretty good when we don’t have much time in end game to actually climb. The basic premise behind this climber gearbox is that the actual gear box (attached picture) will rotate on its back axle, allowing the gearbox to rotate upwards and downwards. This means we can lower it outside the bumpers when its time to actually acquire the rope, and it can freely rotate back upwards to take up the slack in the rope and allow it to wrap around the spool a couple of times for added security. The cutouts on the front of each gear plate are intended to interface with the touch pad itself, and allow the steel bar in the middle of the touch pad to not interfere with the gearbox. we still need to design the bracket that will hold the gearbox to the robot and allow it to pivot, as well as figure out a way to add a ratcheting wrench to one end of the output shaft so that the gearbox won’t backtrack when power is cut. All told, there is still work to do, but we have made great progress.

We would also like to thank the Winter family for supplying food the last three weekends! You guys rock!


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