12-17-15 Meet 3

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center
1770 Boyson Road

2:00 PM: Linn-Mar students arrive via bus and work on setup
4:00 PM: Volunteer and Team Check-in begins (let us know if you want to arrive earlier)
4:30 PM: Inspections begin. Aim to finish inspections by 6:00 PM

4:30PM -5:45PM: Practice Interviews (in a room TBD near the field area)
5:45 PM: Drivers and Drive Coaches Meeting
6:00 PM: Address audience and begin meet

6:15 PM: Start matches (and Practice Pit Interviews)
8:15 PM: Conclude matches, begin cleanup
8:45 PM: Finished with event cleanup

No concessions will be held at this event.
Teams are allowed to bring our own food or order food as long as we don’t leave a mess.
The facility has a number of vending  machines.

Parking / Entrances:
Our event room is in the southeast corner of the building.
Parking is at the north end.
The north entrance (main entrance) stays unlocked until 7:15 PM. The south entrance closest to our space locks at 4:30 PM.
Do no prop doors open at this event – that will set off an alarm. Let people in and then allow the door to close.