Day 1: 2015 FRC game is Recycle Rush!

Yesterday was the beginning the 2015 season! We learned it was a “different” game from previous years. The name is Recycle Rush. I will not go into detail about the game here so here is the video.

here is the game manual for further questions: 2015 Game Manual
We went up to Cedar Falls to join Swartdogs and ASAP in the Kickoff. They had the whole field set-up so we could get a feel for what can a can’t work just hours after the video is unveiled.

We then went back to school to work on capabilities that are needed to complete the tasks and strategies that will earn the most amount of points. We noticed the auto stacking is worth a lot of points and a green bin on a stack is worth a lot. So our focus is on those 2 abilities. Coopertition is also a lot of points but it is inconsistent since it relies on others to be completed.

We have also thought abut potential drive solutions to use.

6 wheel drive 4 inch wheels with 2 passive omni wheels in the front and 4 colson wheels in the back

clearance with 4 inch wheels

We hope to finalize our strategy either Monday or Tuesday night so we are able to start fleshing out major design decisions and finish that up by Saturday.

Things to work on:

Strategy improvements

more detail in exactly  what happens in the strategies.

decide on drive and gearboxes.

Questions to finalize:

  • Do we want to strafe for auto or try and figure out with 6 wheel?

  • do we want to worry about the noodle in the bin or let others get that?

  • What is our main purpose. ie. stacking, containers, noodles.?

  • how tall of stacks do we want?

  • figure out how quick individual stacks take to see what is quicker overall?