Thursday, 9/10/15 Meeting Minutes

FTC Kickoff

FTC Kickoff is 9/12/15 in West Des Moines. We are taking a bus, which leaves at 5:45 AM (show up at 5:30 AM). We’ll get back at about 3:30 PM and then the teams will continue to work in the shop into the evening. How late? Until everyone decides to go home!

Game Strategy

Nemo went over a strategy presention based on Karthik’s strategy talk at the FIRST World Championship
(find Karthik’s slides in Simbotics Resources page or you can view his most recent talk on YouTube)

FTC teams should view the slides heading into the FTC Kickoff event! This will help you decide how to approach this game. It will be a very complicated and challenging project to tackle! (And also a lot of fun)

Team Development – DRIVE (Autonomy, Mastery, Motivation)

Andy Marshall went over Autonomy, Mastery, and Motivation as a team development concept.

Please watch the Daniel Pink “DRIVE” video. Especially if you were not at the Thursday meeting.

You can also find the DRIVE video on our Team Development page (under Resources menu)

Shop Arrangement

We need to design a shop layout and buy/build some furniture. The team began some work on this project.

Team Formation

We have been adding new members to our FTC and FRC teams for the last two meetings. We will continue to fill out those team rosters, and within the teams we are assigning specific roles to the students.

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