Project Facilitator

  • Communicate project timelines, priorities, goals, and status to the team
  • Encourage team members to communicate their progress using engineer’s notebook, Trello, or other systems
  • Help the team maintain a central information hub where all team members can check progress and find tasks to work on

Travel Advisor

  • Survey the team to create a preliminary travel roster for a trip
  • Look up possible hotels and restaurants for a trip

Team Building

  • Welcome new members and help them access training and our electronic systems
  • Introduce people to each other
  • Help people feel included
  • Organize social events


  • Monitor the program budget and team budgets
  • Project future costs and revenues
  • Make recommendations based on team finances


  • Veteran team member trains new members: “on the job training”
  • Present material to a group
  • Create training materials
  • Distribute training so all members know about it and have access
  • Help the teams learn robotics vocabulary and acronyms


  • Get teachers to talk about robotics
  • Get people interested in robotics
  • Doesn’t need any technical skills
  • Sense of humor
  • Design marketing materials, such as posters, web content, and videos
  • Graphic design of logos and shirts
  • Distribute our marketing materials in effective ways
  • Create messaging that resonates with target groups
  • Cultivate team brand


  • Spreading the word about fundraisers and other events
  • Write Grants
  • Maintain relations with sponsors
  • Compose newsletters

Safety Captain

  • Encourage safe practices in work areas and at competitions
  • Remind others to wear their safety goggles and protective gear when needed
  • Facilitate training for members when using new machines and tools

Shop Curator

  • Help to ensure shop facilities are safe
  • Help to ensure shop is clean and tidy
  • Help to ensure equipment is operable
  • Collaborate with materials coordinator to order parts / consumables / other shop materials
  • Collaborate with fabrication trainers to connect students with machine training

Materials Coordinator

  • Take stock of materials and supplies,
  • Talk to the individual teams about what they need
  • Communicate what needs to be ordered

Web Master

  • Update social media during and after competitions
  • Post new happenings on the LM Robotics blog

Media Editor

  • Organize photos and videos taken of the team
  • Assist with communications through newsletters
  • Use of flickr and other photo sharing mediums

Engineering Process

  • Work with design teams to establish the timing of design and schedules for design
  • Work with build team to route parts from design to the proper people and machines to get the part produced
  • Work with people and equipment operators to maintain flow of parts from raw material to finished product
  • Maintain schedules for equipment usage
  • Work with materials coordinator to ensure raw materials and needed parts are on hand for build and assembly
  • Work with project facilitator on schedules, priorities, etc
  • Maintain up to date schedules for parts and assemblies
  • Update central engineering hub on a daily basis

Business Planner

  • Coordinate with the treasure and marketing team
  • Organize potential sponsor meetings/events
  • Plan fundraising events

Summer Camp Planner

  • Determine materials needs
  • Create marketing materials for camps
  • Create and modify curriculum
  • Design game challenges
  • Create and deliver training for student volunteers
  • Facilitate communications with campers and their parents and volunteers


  • Make parts out of aluminum, polycarbonate and other materials according to design documents
  • Access and reference design documents such as wiring diagrams and CAD drawings
  • Operate hand tools, power tools, 3D printers to fabricate robot parts
  • Assemble robots from fabricated and purchased parts
  • Strongly encouraged to learn mechanical design / CAD
  • Strongly encouraged to learn electrical / wiring
  • Follow the team’s engineering processes
  • Document build progress, including status of small parts fabrication through large scale assembly and problems encountered

Mechanical Design / CAD

  • Use 3D computer aided drafting (CAD) software to design robot systems
  • Continually acquire training and guidance from experts or more experienced team members
  • Perform design and documentation reviews and contribute to production of a system design guide
  • Follow standard folder and file naming conventions to improve file management
  • Collaborate with fabricators to ensure consistency between build and design
  • Strongly encouraged to learn some fabrication


CNC Machinist

  • Learn about and practice on CNC machines
  • Keep machine safe from being damaged
  • Teach others how to use the machine properly
  • Work with individual teams to help them make parts
  • Learn mechanical design / CAD


Awards Coordinator

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC):

  • Read and understand requirements for all awards
  • Focus Judge Interview presentation on potential awards
  • Complete or delegate completion of any necessary submission forms (Ex: Control Award)

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC):

  • Read the rules and know the submission deadline
  • Delegate parts of the Chairman’s award to multiple people
  • Document offseason outreach for use in award presentation
  • Work on speaking skills to present in front of judges
  • Be very knowledgeable of what  the team is doing

Outreach Organizer

  • Communicate with contact persons at outside organizations to schedule outreach events
  • Communicate our facilities needs and find out what the event needs from us
  • Prepare presentation slides
  • Organize volunteers to attend the event
  • Arrange transportation
  • Organize robot, computers, and other materials needed


  • Identify our recruiting needs (students, mentors, parents)
  • Develop recruiting strategies for different target groups
  • Participate in recruiting events and communications