Build Season Day 1: Kickoff


On Saturday, January 9th Iron Lions joined teams in Cedar Falls to watch the unveiling of the new FIRST Stronghold as well as to see mock field elements in preparation for this year’s build season.

At the kick off team members were split into groups among the other teams to simulate the game as well as to begin strategizing to get over the 9 defenses.  In addition, another set of members stayed back at the lab to begin game analysis once the video was released.

Approaches so far:

  1. Breacher Robot- This bot idea focuses on crossing the defenses and potentially getting boulders into the low goals.  In theory it would fit under the 14 inch low bar, damage 4 of the 5 defenses, and score the team a ranking point.  On the other hand this bot would not be able to shoot high or climb potentially lessening its usage after the defenses are down.  In addition this bot is more likely to be seen at competition making it harder to stand out among competitors.
  2. “High Baller” Bot- Focusing on the high goals and end game, this shooter bot would make capturing the tower during end game easier as well as being less susceptible to defensive robots.  However shooting requires time to aim which can lessen the amount of trips across the field as well as having a low reliability in comparison to the low scoring bot.  Its design complexity brings a longer build time leaving less time pre-bag day to have drive practice with it.
  3. Short Bot- This bot is optimized to fit under the curtain defense.  Its small size makes it more versatile and allows it to easily stand out in alliance selections. By being able to accomplish the low bar, this bot style would be able to consistently use the bar for autonomous leaving room for an easier program.  In comparison, having a short robot gives limited space for manipulators and requires a more complex design to piece together.  This robot was most voted for by the team with the idea of potentially adding on a detachable climbing manipulator later.

Things to work on:

  • Finalize Strategy
  • Decide on drive base
  • Begin prototyping design aspects