Consent and Release Form

Fill out your electronic consent and release form here:

FIRST Youth Team Member Registration¬†(formerly “STIMS”)

  • The form is not complete until your parent or guardian approves it electronically. It sends them an email.
  • Have your parent or guardian write down their login and password! They will use the same password in future years.
  • Do this form once and it gets you into all FIRST events for the year.
  • FYI, University of Iowa makes us do additional paper forms for FTC events (league championship, state, and super regional. Please complete this form at the same time as the FIRST form to save work later.

If you can’t get the online form to work and your event is tomorrow, you can bring a signed paper consent form:
Paper FIRST Consent and Release Form

These consent forms are required for all FIRST events, including kickoffs and competitions. We have to present these forms to get the team in the door and participate.

In case the link goes dead:

Please complete your electronic form once and then you’re set for the year. Thanks!
-Your Coach