FTC Team 4150, Dark Matter

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Dark Matter is a team devoted to inspiring the next generation to become influential in their own circles. Part of that is to enable people with information about the FIRST program and by sharing technical information we learn.



We are a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team from Linn-Mar High School in Marion, IA.
Mission Statement: The FIRST program has made a difference in our lives, and it’s important to us to promote an provide the same opportunities to kids of all ages by partnering with like-minded organizations.



The FIRST program isn’t just about robots. It is about getting kids excited about STEM classes and careers and equipping the next generation of engineers with necessary skills, like teamwork, communication and leadership. We believe that this is important for our community to experience, so we try to promote the FIRST program and others like it.



We believe that it is important to share what we learn with other teams. Competition helps drive teams to become better, so we want to help all teams to compete at their best.