Day 11: Field Day

Today we worked on assembling our omni wheels and our  Vex pro traction wheels  that came in earlier this week. We  also began cutting parts for our frame on the cold saw, which will have a rough dimension of 28×32.

We did testing with an ultrasonic sensor and flashed the roboRIO for our programming test board.

building the field continued and we completed the human player station! We also started figuring out how much material we will need for the scoring bump and preping the wood for cutting.

We machined some spacers for the drive on the lathe and taught new members the importance of getting the  spacers even.

The scouting team has continued development on their scouting app. The main application used to record data was finished, and is now able to save .csv files containing match information. They have also managed to complete a console application to compile all that data into a single spreadsheet.