Day 28: Busywork

Good morning! Our FTC brother teams are out of the shop at the FTC [state] Championship, which means a very quiet day for us back at home. In the robotics shop, there are several projects being worked on. Greyson and Joel are preparing to weld the elevator frame. Greyson is assisting, as Ryley bends over the competition robot working on wiring.  Michael is also working with Ryley and Greyson on “electrical stuff”.

Electrical stuff

Our practice robot is working, so most of us have set it aside to work on the competition robot. Reid is drilling holes into a new set of brackets; while George is busy writing teleop code.

Casey and Cody are fueling their rivalry by racing to see who can machine a gearbox plate first. Casey will be using the CNC Machine while Cody will machine the part manually. Casey and Cody are in the zone, preparing for their race.


The results of the race will come later.

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