Day 5: Divisions Released!

In FRC at the World championship there are 8 divisions for teams to play on. Each division has 76 teams and play as their own regional, but all at once. The names of each division are Newton, Curie, Archimedes, Galileo, Carson, Carver, Hopper, and Tesla. Our team is going to be competing on Galileo with 75 other teams. We are excited to see some impressive teams competing and will compete along side team 525 (the Swartdogs) from Cedar Falls, Iowa!

Today we worked on getting the Bin Holder tested on the practice robot, We has some issues with the RoboRio but got those fixed as they were due to a multitude of aluminum shavings deep inside the case of the board. Simply opened and vacuumed it up and put it back together. We were impressed by how well the holder works at stabilizing a stack. We did not spend time adjusting our stacker mechanism and it was holding 3 totes by the very back but the bin and bin holder were keeping them from tipping off.