Lost In Time: first Cranberry League Meet

The FTC competition on Saturday, November 8th was fun and  interesting. The drivers for 4324 Lost in Time (Kalon Thompson and Brandon Gloeckner) drove very well but it never would’ve happened if it weren’t for the programmers for 4324 (Zac Adkins, Zach Rife and Bryan Bettis). We ended up finishing in 5th place out of 11 teams in the Cranberry league that attended the event. We ended up going 2-2-1. Two wins, two losses, and one tie. The scouters (Reese McCoy, Zach Rife, Cody Lorenz, Sam Kelly)  were also great at scouting the other teams for their robots and we are going to improve the robot between now and the next competition on December 12th.

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