FTC Kickoff A Great Success!

This year’s FTC game, Block Party!, was officially unveiled at 4pm EST on Saturday the 7th. However, a number of lucky teams got a head start on strategy by attending Iowa’s official FTC Kickoff Event held at our very own Linn-Mar High School. Several important people spoke before the unveiling, including an Iowa Representative and various FIRST personnel. Before the big reveal, Linn-Mar’s two FTC teams hosted a small tournament, using a game our own teams created for our robotic’s summer camps. A number of teams participated, including last year’s Iowa state champions and FTC World Championship Inspire award winners, Team Beta(3550). Following the video unveiling, every team was invited to observe a full-sized field and to sample the game pieces, including 2 inch plastic cubes. After all were finished with the game field, teams began to strategize for the many complexities of this year’s game. The game animation can be viewed here. Good luck to all teams, and make it a great 2013-2014 FTC Season!

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