FTC Team 4324, Lost in Time

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In 2010, team 4324, Lost in Time (formerly “Super Ninjas”), was created as one of the flagship teams to lead  Linn-Mar’s effort in the FIRST FTC division.

The success of the team depends heavily on the dedicated work of the members of the robotics team, some of whom will put in over 300 hours in a single season! However, the team would not have enjoyed its great success without the hard-work, guidance, and relentless dedication by the mentors. People such as Zac Adkins, Nadya Thompson, and Casey Ryan have put in countless hours of work each in order to help the team grow. However, Lost in Time prides itself in being a very self lead team. Following the leadership model of David Marquette’s Leader-Leader approach, Lost in Time has made it a mission to spread this model wherever they can.

In addition to the team’s consistently strong record, Lost in Time has a very creative streak, often pursuing some outrageous designs. For example in 2010 the team made a robot with a triangular chassis, instead of using the far more common rectangular and square chassis. Then in 2011 the team made an arm with three pivot points that was loosely held together by zip ties. While these designs are ludicrous they were not blindly chosen. In 2015, their robot was based on the mars rovers. Every year, they have gone through at least two major robot overhauls in an effort to constantly improve. These constant improvements allow more members to get to the heart of the FTC program, to have fun and build robots!

Drivers Brandon and Kalon, with robot Winston Churchill                                   Lost in Time team picture from Super Regionals