League Meet at CR Library

Our Cedar Rapids Library league meet went very well and was a lot of fun. Lost In Time and Dark Matter together set the record highest match score of the cranberry league meets at 266 points. The competing robots all did very well and showed diversity all around. Hosting is always fun and gives us more experience being leaders and helping others out, with any problems they may have. The competition gave Lost In Time a chance to use a new strategy of scoring into the center goal in end game and pushing rolling goals onto the ramp. Dark Matter’s aim was perfect and they scored a lot of points.

We also give a big thank you to the Cedar Rapids Library for letting us use their facility. The Whipple Auditorium was a beautiful setting and had a great view of the match field. The Library staff went above and beyond to help us though out the whole meet. without the library help and flexibility the meet would not have gone so smoothly.


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