Thursday, 9/17/2015 Meeting Minutes

Dues – $50 – Gets you 2 shirts – Due next Friday!

Lego Volunteering opportunity:    
Help FLL teams in the Linn-Mar district – find the listing called “First at Linn-Mar” in the Google Drive account. You can get cords hours by volunteering

Newsletter For October: each team needs to create an article (one paragraph) and make it available in Trello.

Training – the following training took place:

Training for GitHub (code storage) tonight.

Train programmers how to manage code, storing CAD files

Work to accumulate parts and assembled K-9 training bots for FTC teams.

Shop Organization: The team continued design and fabrication work on temporary wooden workbenches.

Inclusion / Exclusion / Bullying:

Everybody needs to read this page to describe some of our philosophy and policy regarding this important subject. It can also be found under About -> Policies.

We want everybody to feel like they can be an important  member of our team, and when that is not happening, we will work to improve the situation.


Utilize a strength  finder to learn your individual strengths and the strengths of your team overall. Each team now has a strengths spreadsheet in Google Drive (search for “4324 Strengths,” for example). Here is the strengths list, and it is also on the Team Development Page. People are more motivated and satisfied when they feel they are using their strengths to do their work.


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