Day 5: No School

Today we made progress on multiple prototypes and came up with lots of new ideas to try! our main goal is finding the best way to hold the totes. We prototyped 3 ideas a hook system using poly carbonate, and a conveyor system.

The conveyor system was deemed to complex and heavy for any further prototyping, but the tote holder and wheels for the conveyor were used to try and make it easier to bring the tote in toward the robot.

here is a lock mechanism for holding totes above the elevator:



here is the wheeled grabber running with 100:1 gearboxes and 4 inch super soft banebot wheels:

wheeled grabber

here is the polycarb hooks:

poly hooks

here are the prototypes in progress of working:

here is the bin being taken to feeder station and loaded with pool noodle:

We made the decision to go 6 wheel drive with omnis in the from and vex traction wheels in the back.

we plan to have the drive gearboxes direct driving the back wheels for counter balancing and place battery in middle and winch towards the middle.

We have also chosen to go with a 2 speed gearboxes so that we will be able to go 7.1 and 14.7 fps calculated.


Action Items:

make the wheel grabber more secure and mount to drive base

make it easier to line up with the polycarb hooks

build bumps and feeder station

design gearboxes for drive

design winch gearbox

Test wheel grabber to get totes out of way for getting center bins

change planetary gearboxes to 75:1