Friday, December 4th, 2015 FTC League Meet

Location: Linn-Mar High School Cafeteria

Directions for Parking, Entrance, Cafeteria


3:30 – 4:00 PM: LM people will begin setting up the cafeteria.

4:00-4:30 PM: Volunteer check-in; teams are welcome to show up at any time starting at 4 PM.

4:30 PM: Team check-in and inspections begin.

6:00 PM: Complete inspections by this time.

6:30 – 8:30 PM: Matches

Matches: We’ll run five matches per team (14 matches total if all 11 teams compete). If we can keep to an 8 minute cycle time, that will conclude in under two hours. If we can begin prior to 6:30 PM, we will start as early as 6:00 PM, but we anticipate that inspections will take some time at the first meet.

Concessions will be available including pizza and hot dogs. They will be open from about 5-7 PM (still to be finalized).

Pre-Inspections: Teams are required to complete a self inspection prior to the event. This will really help to prevent long delays prior to the start of matches. You can find the inspection form in the game manual (part 1).

Phone Charging: Phones can run out, so make sure you bring your chargers to the meet. Plug your phone in when it’s not in use during the meet so it doesn’t run out during your matches! This is a new issue compared to previous years when we could swap out NXT batteries, so plan accordingly

Stuff to Bring:

  • Robot
  • Spare parts
  • Concession money for food (proceeds to to the LM Booster Club, which supports LM Robotics) or bring food to fuel your team through supper
  • Chargers for batteries
  • Chargers for phones
  • Power strip
  • Your programming laptop (!!)
  • Your robot program files (!!)
  • Your best gracious professional selves

Volunteer On-The-Job Training

Please bring people who are interested in learning a volunteer role! We will have some experienced volunteers who can help you learn jobs in a real league meet setting, so it is a great time to learn a role in a low pressure setting.

We could really use more referees, inspectors, and field technical advisor (FTA) volunteers in the volunteer pool! Other roles include queuing, field reset, team registration, emcee/DJ, pit runner, and pit admin. There is a whole spectrum of volunteer roles ranging from “easy to show up and do it” to “some reading material and on the job training needed.”