FTC Software Info

FTC New Platform Software Information

On this page you will find some basic information for the programming/software side of the new platform and java in general.  For help on a variety of topics, including software and some sensors, you can visit http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc/team-resources

FTC New Platform Page

The official page for the new platform.


Object Oriented Programming Concepts

This is a fairly good short series of articles that introduces the important concepts of an OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language like Java.  It takes a game development perspective, but the information is really general to OOP concepts, and the games provide some pretty good examples.


Official Android Programming IDE & SDK

This is the official android development environment for text-based Java programming. 


The FTC Software Development Kit (SDK)

If you are using Android Studio, this is the FTC SDK you need to use to work with the new hardware.  Setup instructions are also on this page.


FTC Supported Graphical Programming Tool

If you/your team is used to graphical programming from LabVIEW or wants to use a graphical language instead, use App Inventor, FTC setup instructions linked below.


FTC Phone Auto Connect

If you/your team wants to push new  versions of your program to the robot-phone without having to tether via USB.

  1. Open android studio.
  2. Connect to the phone with USB
  3. Then run this program The Bach file for the program 
  4. download
  5. run
  6. follow steps shown in command line interface



GitHub is used for source code control, where you can easily backup your code and keep a record of versions.  There are other source code control programs out there, like Subversion, but GitHub is easy to use and set up.


Sample Projects

These are some sample projects for learning Java.

Mastermind: MastermindProject