Saturday 8/29/15 Meeting Minutes

Trello organization discussion:

  • People who are interested in project facilitator roles should talk to each other about what boards should exist and how they should be organized
  • As we create more items in Trello, please feel free to provide constructive feedback to help people put items in sensible places and avoid adding items that don’t need to be in the system.
  • Please get yourself added to the Trello LM Robotics organization – other students can add you quickly.

Discussion about “Onboarding” process for new members entering an organization:

  • At Rockwell Collins, new employees get a clear role description and a mentor
  • We have some roles described on our website.
  • Should we assign a student mentor to each student? Discussion indicates that this would be a good idea and current students might be open to it.

New Member Meeting Discussion:

  • We will open the Learning / Media Center at 6 PM on Tuesday – please plan to arrive early to organize
  • Some roles will be represented. Not enough people to represent every possible role.
  • Need to contact each individual person to see if they will be ready to host a role group in our meetings.
  • What information should we collect from members who attend? Possibly have them complete an online form.
  • What do we do with the data that gets collected? Who collects it – role leaders or one central person?
  • Role leader expectations / questions you need to address:
    1) Show up Tues/Thurs/Sat
    2) What is your plan?
    3) What materials are needed?
    4) Do you need facilitators to help you?
    5) What “interviewer” questions will you ask the attendees?

Reminder that the LMHSrobotics gmail password has changed. Talk to other members or mentors to learn the new password.

Minutes recorded by Nemo. FYI, minutes were recorded directly into a WordPress post during the meeting. This is an efficient way to record the minutes. Students can do this in the future!

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