STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair

This weekend LM Robotics participated in STEM day at the Iowa State Fair. The event was held on Grand Ave. in the center of the fair. We were able to inspire close to 1000 people and show many more what programs FIRST can offer in the area.

Our FRC team, the Iron Lions, used their 2014 robot for most of the day to pass the ball to kids and launch the ball far and narrow. Three other FRC teams also participated in the event, making sure people would really get an idea of the meaning of FIRST and STEM in general. The teams also made sure all interested people wrote down their information to be set up with local teams in their age range.

An FTC field was set up, as well as 3 FTC teams helping kids drive the robots around and pick up the blocks from the 2014 FTC game. Both Dark Matter and Lost in Time helped discussed the benefits in engineering with parents and got them in contact with a local Lego League team.


The local news Team had a short spotlight on the day as well with Madison Kriege from Lost in Time being interviewed as well as our robot in action!


John Deere and the University of Iowa also attended the event telling people how to get involved in STEM. They also taught people some science with excellent experiments! Over all the event ran very smoothly with no rain and all teams had a great time!

Passing the Ball





Lieutenant Govenor with the FRC teams

Lieutenant Govenor with the FRC teams

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