Thursday 8/28/15 Meeting Minutes


  • Kyle Smart
  • Parent Night
  • Role Immersion/New Member Meetings
  • Closet Re-Organization and Pacifica Unload
  • E-mail new members
  • E-mail parents
  • Team Reps for LMR Communication Channel – Sam Rettig
  • Summer Newsletter


Kyle Smart

Sadly, Kyle Smart, a member of Linn-Mar Robotics, passed away this week. See blog post here. The team discussed several ideas for remembering and recognizing Kyle.

New Members

  • Finish and send off email for new students
  • Include parent form for new students to give to parents
  • Place: Learning Center/Media Center
  • Time: Regular meeting times
  • Gave

Summer Newsletter

  • Finish the newsletter categories
  • Organize all articles on Trello
  • Finish newsletter by the end of the night

FRC Iowa Regional Funding

  • Talk about contacting sponsors to fund the Iowa FRC Regional
  • Which ones would be best fit?

Students Taking Meeting Minutes

  • Decision to have different student take notes each night
  • Capture main categories and notes on each of them
  • Upload note to blog each night

Unload Pacifica and Closet

  • Unload Andy’s Pacifica with different tools
  • Empty out closet closest to Nemo’s room
  • Start to move some of the bigger tools (drill press, etc) to the Shop


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