Tuesday, 9/15/15 Meeting Minutes

Team Development

Reviewed Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose. Andy discussed purpose. People who know why they are doing something will strive much harder and achieve more. Each team is tasked with creating their own version of why they are doing robotics. This will improve your experience and also help you motivate you and your teammates to achieve greater and greater things.

The homework was to watch this video, especially if you weren’t able to attend Tuesday’s meeting:
Simon Sinek TED Talk – Start With Why

Trello – Online Task List / Project Management

Nemo showed a few ways to organize a Trello board, including the simple “To Do, Doing, and Done” categories. All members should get invited to the LM Robotics Trello group on www.trello.com. You can read a bit about Trello here.

Trello will help more people get involved. It is a place to find out what work needs to be done and what progress has already been made on each job. If we don’t use any sort of system like this, the veteran members will naturally tend to take over everything while everybody else doesn’t know what’s going on. Not what we want! We want lots of people contributing and having enriching experiences.

FIRST Consent Forms

Reminder: everybody needs to register with FIRST and sign up for your team. Your parent also needs to sign off on your photo consent and release form. See the consent form page under the Resources  menu tab for the sign-up link.

Shop Organization

Some of our students worked on some temporary work benches to help us get our shop put back together. We also have some design work in progress to create our longer term shop layout, which includes building and purchasing some furniture items. Students – remember to update Trello with your progress.

FTC “K9” Practice Bots

FTC members gathered materials to start building some training bots. This will help our many new members dig into build and software work. To be continued on Thursday.

Meeting Minutes

Who can help with meeting minutes?

In the last few meetings, I have forgotten to ask students for help with this vital communications job, but I really need it. It is pretty fast and easy to enter the notes into WordPress (the blog engine). It can be done in real time during the meeting. We want a group of several students who take responsibility for this role so it will always get done.

Who will step up and help out with this task? Please let me know and I will equip you with the tools you  need. Thanks in advance!

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