West Coast Drive Progress

We have gotten one of the 2 gearboxes together with only a couple issues. One being the pneumatic cylinder we are using is a single acting 3/4 inch bore 1/2 stroke. The problem is that the spring used to pull it back has about 3 lbs of force. The dog will get stuck in low gear unless it is shaken a bit. The second issue is the coupler for the shifter un-threads it’s self when running the motors. This is a simple fix by just getting a jam nut on there. We are manually milling out the side rails as we cut out the bearing block plates and bearing blocks on our CNC mill. The axles and gearbox shafts have been completed in just a couple meetings.


Action Items:

  1. do more testing on the cylinder/ find a replacement.
  2. find the correct jam nut for the coupler.
  3. replace output shaft on gearbox with 1/8 inch longer one.